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When we participate in sports there are certain movement patterns (ways of moving) that repeat themselves over and over again. As the World Cup drifts away for another 4 years we need to stay cognizant that not only in soccer but in most sports running is a major component. Rugby, football, basketball, ultimate frisbee, baseball, gymnastics, are but a few of the other sports that have running an essential parts of the game. When we are trying to improve our ability at that sport how much of the time is dedicated to running technique. Poor running technique will at best reduce your efficiency at that sport, wasted energy, delay in getting in position. More likely poor running patterns lead to injury. We need to think of running as a skill, just as important as how to kick, shoot, tackle, throw or catch. If the average soccer player is running near 10 kilometres during a World Cup match how much better could they play if they ran well. The best players on the planet run beautifully, why can’t the rest? Think of running as a skill. Put time into improving your technique. If you’re unsure how then spend some time with a Coach who knows how to help. Maybe a workshop, some video analysis, some drills, and time and effort will be needed.

CrossFit PEI’s Wednesday mornings 6 am class – Running Endurance, where some skill training and proper strengthening to balance off potential issues meeimaget.