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Scott Conrad

Scott Conrad: Body Works PEI

Registered Massage Therapist

Scott Conrad has a B.A. from the University of Prince Edward Island and gained his credentials in Massage Therapy, with honours, from ITC Northumberland College. He has been practicing Massage Therapy at Body Works for 14 years.

Scott has learned through treating a wide variety of patients with various conditions and pathologies, the importance of tailoring each treatment to the needs of the individual. He has had success treating many pathologies such as: whiplash, headaches, strains/sprains, tendinitis, low back pain, neurological disorders and many other conditions. Over the past 14 years Scott has developed his own treatment style which utilizes a combination of many modalities and techniques to restore function. Scott uses a combination of myofascial release, MET (muscle energy technique), Swedish massage, Kinesio Taping and Trigger Point Therapy. In addition he may include hydrotherapy and specific stretching and strengthening exercises for home care. The underlying intent of his treatment is to be specific and effective in addressing the patients primary areas of concern while maintaining a holistic outlook for overall well-being.

Scott has been an active member of the Prince Edward Island Massage Therapy Association since 2003 sitting on the board as Vice President for two years. Scott is also a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder.